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I know we all enjoy phoning a company, only to hear ‘your call is important to us’ for twenty minutes while we wait to speak to someone who can’t help us.

Life was just as tough for one cyber attacker, according to a recent report on TechCrunch (and recently mentioned by TechRepublic).

When the attacker called a victim’s main phone number to inform them of their attack, they may have expected panic and chaos.

Instead, they got Beth.

During the conversation, the attacker threatens to release stolen data and involve the company’s clients. But, Beth interrupts him and asks: “Now, why would you attack us?”.

When the attacker tells Beth that the media have been informed and a recording of a previous call with one of her colleagues has been sent to them, Beth’s asks “So that includes a conversation with Patricia? Because you know, that’s illegal in Ohio”.

The conversation ends with Beth telling the attacker: “Well then I’m just gonna go ahead and end this phone call now [..] I think we spent enough time and energy on this.”

So what?

This isn’t just amusing; it’s a valuable reminder that cybersecurity isn’t just about technology.

It’s about preparing your people for anything— even a ransomware gang’s awkward phone call.

Training and incident response plans should consider all scenarios, including the ones that seem straight out of a sitcom.