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Until very recently, the toilet in our house was always problematic.

Sometimes, it wouldn’t flush.

Other times, it wouldn’t stop flushing.

I tried numerous amateurish solutions over the years. These usually solved the problem temporarily, but eventually the problem would return.

I eventually called a plumber*.

It took him 10 minutes to solve the problem**.


What has this got to do with cyber security?

If you don’t have the time, experience, or interest to assess and improve your cyber security defences, why not get outside help from someone who has done this before?

It will take less time and you will end up with a better solution.


* Because Irish Water called to ask if we were running a guest house, as we were consuming enough water that week for 10 people!

** The flush valve needed to be replaced. He removed it by twisting it anti-clockwise, before inserting the replacement part. He spent most of the 10 minutes looking for the replacement part in his van :)