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Here’s a picture of one of the cycle paths in my village.

A picture of a footpath and cycle lane, with a pole in the middle of the cycle lane.

Your eyes are not deceiving you. There is a lamp post right in the middle of the cycle path (and another few can be seen in the distance).

So what?

If we only focus on complying with a rule or regulation*, we’re missing the point.

We need to focus on the actual risk that a rule or regulation** is trying to address.

Otherwise, we may incur the cost of complying with a regulation without gaining the benefit of addressing the underlying risk***.


In other words..

Regulatory compliance is the floor, not the ceiling.


* In this case, I assume the rule requires every new footpath to also have a cycle path.

** In the case, a cyclist being hit by a vehicle on a narrow but very busy road.

* Or in this case, replacing one risk (the risk of being hit by a vehicle) with another (the risk of colliding with a pole!)