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I’ve been talking about accountability, and the challenge of being held accountable for cybersecurity, even though you rely on others to manage this on a day-to-day basis.

Yesterday, I discussed how getting data points on a regular basis can reveal the true health of your security defences.


As I mentioned, getting these data points and discussing the ‘why’ behind the numbers is valuable in itself.

You become far more informed about the nuances of your specific environment and the challenges faced by the people who are managing cybersecurity on your behalf.


But there is another benefit from this data reporting.

In my experience, as soon as an organisation asks for these data points…

these data points magically improve over subsequent weeks and months.


Perhaps it’s coincidence.


Or perhaps by asking for these data points…

you wake up the people who were asleep at the wheel, and…

make them realise that you are now taking an interest in their driving style!


What gets measured gets done.