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I have a (worrying) small obsession with refilling the bird feeder* in my back garden before I leave for work each day.

Every day, I walk the same short path to get to the feeder.

It’s not a risky endeavour.

But this morning at 6am, it was cold and dark, and I found myself staring at the stars.


Because I had slipped on the icy path and landed on my (ass) back.


What has this got to do with cyber security?

As with many things in life, cyber security is about risk management.

And risk is not static.

Walking on a path; Clicking on an email link; Responding to a phone message; Communicating with someone on LinkedIn…

We may do each of these activities multiple times a day.

But the risks are not always the same.


So what?

When the weather is cold or the day is dark, I need to remember that the risks are higher.

When a message is from a new source or seeking our urgent action, we need to remember that the risks are higher.

It’s the best way to ensure we don’t slip up.


* Feeding the birds is not a completely altruistic endeavour. I am convinced that when I forget to do this, my car gets hit more frequently by bird… “output”. Correlation may not imply causation, but I’m taking no chances.