I know my artistry yesterday was overwhelming, so I am going one step further today to talk about how does Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)* improve your security defences.

Quick lesson: What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)? In layman’s terms, MFA is anything that ensures a cyber criminal cannot gain access to your IT system with just a password. You might experience MFA as that inconvenient security code that you have to type in after you’ve entered your password. It’s also sometimes called Two-Factor Authentication or 2FA.

As I said yesterday, relying on only a password is like a voyage through dangerous waters in a rubber dinghy.

Using MFA is that same voyage, but on a cruise ship.

What difference does that make?

  • The sharks are no longer a problem.
  • And while some pirates could still find a way to get onto your boat, most won’t bother because there are plenty of easier targets out there in their rubber dinghies.

So What?

Sometimes, it can be inconvenient to improve your defences.

Getting onto a cruise ship takes more effort than stepping onto a rubber dinghy.

But the effort is worth it. Your voyage will be so much safer.

A few small steps can bring significant benefits.