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On Saturday afternoon, I looked out at my back garden and realised that the grass needed to be cut.

I wasn’t feeling particularly energetic at the time, so I decided I’d have a cup of coffee and cut the grass later.

To be honest, I knew ‘later’ really meant ‘not today’.

While having my coffee, I looked at the weather app on my phone.

It told me that rain was due in 17 minutes.

2 minutes later, I was in the garden.

14 minutes later, the grass was cut.

Isn’t it amazing how a deadline can motivate us to get things done?


What has this got to do with cyber security?

If I told you that your organisation was going to be attacked tomorrow, what would you do today to reduce the likelihood of the attack succeeding?*

If you don’t know where to start, I can help.


* Just because I invented that deadline, it doesn’t mean I’m wrong.