Cyber 321: 1st April 2022

Cyber 3-2-1: The White House advises us all to act now to protect against cyberattacks. A HubSpot breach may have exposed the customer information of crypto firms. And why you should be using a password manager. This week’s action: When your staff are suspicious, make sure they can get a second opinion.

Cyber 321: 11th June 2021

Cyber 3-2-1: Plain English cybersecurity advice in 3 articles, 2 statistics and 1 action. This week is dominated by the various findings of the Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report. For 50% of firms, could the cost of cybersecurity risk really be less than €3.5k per annum? In other news, the 5 key things the White House recommends you do to defend against ransomware, and the one thing they did not mention. And finally, why professional services firms are targeted by cyber criminals. This week’s action: Check my maths, and check your numbers.

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