Cyber 321: 7th October 2022

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Cyber 3-2-1: This month and last month, Ireland’s police, government and national cybersecurity agency have warned SMEs about the ever-increasing threat of cyber attacks. And yet executives and boards will continue to deliberately ignore this risk until their valuables have been stolen. This week’s action: You are choosing your own adventure. Make sure you are comfortable with your choice.

Cyber 321: 15th October 2021

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Cyber 3-2-1: The vast majority of large firms suffer because of cyber breaches in their supply chain, and yet the majority do not know what to ask their suppliers about cybersecurity. How Google and Microsoft are helping us all to be more cyber secure. And how 55 billion attacks are pointless because of one security measure. This week’s action: Keep privileged accounts for special occasions.

Cyber 321: 6th August 2021

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Cyber 3-2-1: How one business took 24 years to build and 24 hours to destroy, what the EU’s Agency for Cybersecurity has to say about supply chain attacks, why you should ask more questions about the security of your IT service providers, and why you should expect to be asked similar questions by your clients. This week’s action: Ask questions. Seek evidence.

Cyber 321: 14th July 2021

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Cyber 3-2-1: Plain English cybersecurity advice in 3 articles, 2 statistics and 1 action. This week, my focus is on firms that sell software or services to other organisations. You need to realise what the cybercriminals already know and what your prospects (and their regulators) are becoming increasingly concerned about: You are the perfect stepping stone into your clients’ computer systems and you could be the weakest link in your their cybersecurity defences. It was demonstrated in the WannaCry attack of 2017, the SolarWinds attack of 2020, and this month’s Kaseya attack that has impacted up to 1500 businesses. This week’s action: Recognise that your suppliers are a risk to you, and you are a risk to your clients.

Cyber 321: 25th March 2021

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Cyber 3-2-1: Plain English cybersecurity advice in 3 articles, 2 statistics and 1 action, including the link between your cybersecurity and your sales opportunities, a recent survey on cyber-crime from Bank of Ireland, and a reminder that cyber-criminals are not ordinary decent criminals. This week’s action: Prepare your people.

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