Cyber 3-2-1: Microsoft security, Recall needs to be recalled, and the Russians want us to stay at home

Cyber 3-2-1: Microsoft decides that security should a priority, but not before they release a security and privacy nightmare. Meanwhile, if they can't go to the Olympics, they don't want anyone else to go either.

Cyber 321: 17th June 2022

Cyber 3-2-1: Ukraine’s responses to Russian cyber attacks remind us of the value of incident response preparation, DuckDuckGo may not be as privacy-centric as you might think, and why paying a ransom may only mean you’ll be paying one again (and sooner than you may think). This week’s action: Reduce the need for an incident response plan by writing one.

Cyber 321: 21st January 2022

Cyber 3-2-1: Could simulated phishing tests really make staff more likely to be fooled by a phishing email in the future? What the Russians have done to one of the world’s most successful ransomware gangs? What has ransomware and cryptocurrency got to do with North Korea? And what the hell is the metaverse anyway? This week’s action: Review your approach to phishing test simulations.

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