Cyber 321: Destructive cyber attacks and an offer to ease my conscience.

Cyber 3-2-1: Another issue laiden down with news about recent cyber attacks, including against a UK financial advisory firm with some very interesting high-value clients. In response, the 5 steps you need to take right now to avoid the worst-case scenario of a ransomware attack. Plus an offer to ease my conscience.

Cyber 321: 27th January 2023

Cyber 3-2-1: PayPal and Norton breaches, predictions of imminent cyber catastrophy, and taser-equipped drones. What more could you ask for?

Cyber 321: 13th January 2023

Cyber 3-2-1: This week, there’s one for everyone in the audience, including the board of directors and anyone who relies on an IT MSP to manage their cloud systems. The two numbers this week remind us why invoice fraud is so rampant – Because that’s where the money is! The thing to think about this week? Take two minutes to find out your cybersecurity score.

Cyber 321: 2nd December 2022

Cyber 3-2-1: Microsoft and Proofpoint remind us of the value of some simple security measures. The problem with Android security patches. And why the theft of millions of phone numbers from WhatsApp may get our attention, but our local laptop repair shop may be a more immediate concern.

Cyber 321: 7th October 2022

Cyber 3-2-1: This month and last month, Ireland’s police, government and national cybersecurity agency have warned SMEs about the ever-increasing threat of cyber attacks. And yet executives and boards will continue to deliberately ignore this risk until their valuables have been stolen. This week’s action: You are choosing your own adventure. Make sure you are comfortable with your choice.

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