Cyber 3-2-1: Central Bank data breach, RMM tool security, and the mistakes that startups make

Cyber 3-2-1: The Central Bank of Ireland reminds us that data protection is not just about IT security. MSP + RMM is the perfect combination for cyber attackers. And startups are under attack from cyber attackers. And questionnaires!

Cyber 3-2-1: No place to hide for company execs, and phishing isn’t just about email.

Cyber 3-2-1: SEC requires public disclosures of cyber attacks, Russians target staff through Microsoft Teams, and 5,000 businesses in Ireland suffer because staff members were fooled by SMS messages.

Cyber 3-2-1: You may be the next porn star, law firms need to upgrade their security defences, and SMEs need to close their front doors.

Cyber 3-2-1: Deepfakes are going mainstream, UK law firms have been warned about an increase in cyber attacks, and Irish SMEs need to close their front doors.

Cyber 3-2-1: AI’s impact on passwords, the future is passkeys, and a DORA deep-dive

Cyber 3-2-1: AI could mean bye-bye to your account security, the future of passwords is passkeys, and what the Central Bank of Ireland has to say about DORA.

Cyber 3-2-1: Attacks on 2 service providers; phishing remains the doorway of choice.

Cyber 3-2-1: More attacks on service providers (this time Evide and SD Worx), and further evidence that phishing is the most common way for ransomware attacks to start.

Cyber 3-2-1: Attacks on Western Digital, the patient impact of an attack on a US hospital, and more fun from CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan.

Cyber 3-2-1: Two fines from the DPC and EUROPOL’s concerns about ChatGPT.

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