Cyber 321: 6th May 2022

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Cyber 3-2-1: Is the end of passwords in sight? Why is a bank warning us about taxis? Why worry about smart glasses? And why do bad guys love crypto wallets and Android devices? This week’s action: It’s time to do a health check on your Android devices.

Cyber 321: 22nd April 2022

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Cyber 3-2-1: DeFi enabled the perfect crime, CISA discovered cyber sabotage tools aimed at US energy sector, and a reminder that we need to keep all software up to date, not just Windows. This week’s action: Tell your staff about the brands the bad guys love.

Cyber 321: 28th January 2022

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Cyber 3-2-1: ComReg has a plan to tackle volume of scam calls to Irish mobile users. Google’s trackers are being investigated in the US, while the Austrian Courts have ruled that Google Analytics contravenes GDPR. And the US Federal Reserve starts a discussion about digital currencies. This week’s action: Don’t answer that call

Cyber 321: 3rd December 2021

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Cyber 3-2-1: A Cyber Security Baseline Standard has just been published in Ireland, Bank of Ireland has been fined €24m for risks that never materialised, and. Ireland’s DPC tells us that If we have a complaint about a neighbour’s use of CCTV, we need to take it up with the courts. This week’s action: Review your Incident Response Plan.

Cyber 321: 20th August 2021

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Cyber 3-2-1: Why it’s probably no big deal that Accenture got hit by ransomware, why technology should make you paranoid, why you should never annoy a nerd, and why losing your wallet takes on a different meaning when it comes to cryptcurrency. This week’s action: Protect your crown jewels.

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