Cyber 321: Cybersecurity lessons from Ukraine, a $150k ransom payment, and more.

Cyber 3-2-1: What are the cybersecurity lessons from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, why did a small business pay a $150k ransom, and why you can’t you trust a phone call anymore?

IT Relationship Breakdown – Part 1: It’s not me. It’s them.

I frequently encounter a broken relationship between my client and their IT MSP (managed service provider). In this first of two articles, I discuss why these relationships break down.

Cyber 321: 7th October 2022

Cyber 3-2-1: This month and last month, Ireland’s police, government and national cybersecurity agency have warned SMEs about the ever-increasing threat of cyber attacks. And yet executives and boards will continue to deliberately ignore this risk until their valuables have been stolen. This week’s action: You are choosing your own adventure. Make sure you are comfortable with your choice.

Cyber 321: 14th May 2021

Cyber 3-2-1: Plain English cybersecurity advice in 3 articles, 2 statistics and 1 action, including how one cyber attack on one firm had significant knock-on effects across the US East Coast, how another attack on another firm became Finland’s biggest criminal case in history, and what it feels like to be a victim of a cyber crime. This week’s action: Plan B Planning

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