If your plane won’t be taking flight, make sure your cash won’t be either.

According to a recent report in The Irish Independent, at least one family has been fooled by a criminal posing as an Aer Lingus employee, who offered to help them deal with an impending strike at the airline.

The criminal then helped the family to reduce their savings by €2,000.

Not only are the victims out of pocket, they also feel ashamed and mortified for being fooled. (All the more reason to thank them for going public, via their local politician, to warn the rest of us).

As Deputy Nolan says in the article, “Unfortunately, these fraudsters never miss an opportunity to make a quick bit of cash off the back of ordinary people’s misfortunes”.

So what?

The right call at the right time.

Sometimes, that’s all it would take for any of us to be fooled.

What should you do?

You should remember that when you’re stressed, you’re more prone to be scammed.

Take some deep breaths and count to 10: The pause may help you spot the scam.


(Photo by Maria Tyutina: https://www.pexels.com/photo/white-and-gray-airplane-249581/)