“No-one wants to hear about security anymore. AI is the only show in town now.”

That’s according to some tough love that I got from a contact on LinkedIn recently.

Apparently, people only want to read about AI now, and I was told that I should hop on the AI train.

Luckily, when I took my seat, I was still wearing my security hat.

So, what are the security risks from AI?

The obvious one is cybercriminals using AI to create ever more convincing phishing emails and voice & video deepfakes.

But security is not just about stopping the criminals getting in.

it’s also about stopping your data getting out.


DALLE - Data as little smiling characters. These characters are colorful and lively, with faces displaying joy and excitement

Yippee! We're free!


What do I mean?

If your staff aren’t clear on what the acceptable use of AI is within your organisation…

The organisation’s sensitive or confidential information is probably being loaded into AI tools right now..

And some of these tools may be retaining and using that sensitive & confidential data for other purposes.

In other words

While the shop front of an AI tool may look very appealing and draw you in, you need to make sure that someone has taken a look around the back of the shop.

Because if you’re not careful, the information that you’re handing over at the front desk…

May be getting loaded onto a freight train around the back!


DALLE-Data as little smiling characters loaded onto a train

All aboard 'The Data Breach Express'.
Next stop: No-one knows.


You probably won’t listen to me.

Because I talk about security.

And that’s so booorrrrring!