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Have you ever noticed that when you’re driving to a new destination, how much you need to concentrate on the road?

It’s even worse when you have lots of others in the car vying for your attention or telling you that you’re going the wrong way.

It’s almost inevitable that you will make a mistake and lose time trying to get back on track.

And you will probably arrive at your destination late and stressed.


By comparison…

Have you noticed how the same trip is much faster and more enjoyable when someone who knows the area is guiding you?

Or better yet, when that person is driving?*

Especially when it’s someone who has done this before and knows backstreets that even Google Maps doesn’t mention?


What has this got to do with cybersecurity?

For new and important destinations:

  • Stop trying to drive yourself, especially when you’re already busy trying to keep your passengers happy.
  • Find someone who knows the way, and let them guide you or drive you.


* Unless they are a taxi driver in Rome, in which case you’ll feel lucky to have made it out alive.