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This Friday is Saint Patrick’s Day.

At school, we were told that Saint Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland.

But apparently this is not true, as there were never any snakes in Ireland.

It’s just a myth.


So what?

You may encounter many security solutions and service providers claiming they will keep you safe from cyber criminals (the real snakes of our digital world).

But this too is a myth.

There is no one solution that can do this*.

I am sure each solution can reduce the risk (i.e. likelihood and/or impact) of one or more types of attack.

But different solutions reduce different risks.


So what should you do?

Before you look at solutions (or solution providers), you need to be clear on what risks you are facing.

Do not ask the solution provider which risks you should focus on, as they will magically focus on the risks that their solution addresses.

Obviously, I’d suggest you should get independent advice from someone** who is not incentivised to sell you anything else.

But if you won’t pay for independent advice***, take this advice for free:

Your biggest risk is a staff member being fooled by an email into downloading a malicious file or revealing their login credentials.


* If you believe your solution can do this, please get in touch. You will find me at the end of the nearest rainbow, with my pot of gold.

** like me!

*** from me!