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This Friday is March 17th – Saint Patrick’s Day.

This is a very important day in Ireland and elsewhere, when we celebrate the death of the patron saint of Ireland*.

In Ireland, we may also call it Paddy’s Day.

And when we want to pretend that were fluent in Irish, we may also call it Lá Fhéile Pádraig**.

But just to be clear, especially to my American friends: It is not called St Patty’s Day!


So what?

Well, apart from finally getting that off my chest….

Cyber Security. IT Security. Information Security:

Believe it or not, these terms may seem closely related, but they mean different things.

You’d be surprised how frequently I get told this by “security professionals”.

I know these mean different things.

But to “normal” people, these differences do not matter.

It is what these terms have in common that matters:


Securing your data, your money and your reputation.

So as we prepare for this important cultural and religious occasion***, let’s ignore the differences and focus on what matters.

Happy St Patty’s Day!


* It occurs to me that he must have been a real tyrant if we celebrate his death.

** Yes, I had to look that up on Wikipedia.

*** A day that many people spend in the pub watching the Cheltenham Racing Festival, confirming the Irish stereotype that we all seem so offended by.