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Today is Saint Brigid’s Day.

Apparently, Saint Brigid is one of Ireland’s three national saints. (The other two being Saint Columba and some guy called Saint Patrick.)

And apparently, she is regarded as the patroness of protection. (As well as poetry, livestock, and dairy production.)


So what?

February 1st is also traditionally regarded as the first day of Spring.

So, a good time to start some spring cleaning.

And if you are a third party service provider to a regulated financial services firm, it’s time to dust off your contracts.

Because DORA’s contractual requirements are coming.

And we are all in for an interesting time.


PS If you don’t work in a regulated firm but some of your clients are regulated, and you want to know what DORA could mean for you, let me know. I am writing a guide for someone just like you.

PPS If you work in a regulated firm and what to know about the likely challenges, I’m contributing to a Compliance Institute webinar on this topic next Wednesday: https://compliance.ie/Public/Event/Event-Display.aspx?EventKey=A40BE689-38DE-438E-AB03-D3D2704DA0E9

PPPS The tradition on this feast day is to weave a Brigid’s Cross. I can’t weave. But I can prompt ChatGPT. So, here’s one it made earlier.

St Brigid's cross, with a cyber security theme