It’s not about Perfection.
It’s about Pragmatism.

Our advisory and assurance services deliver clarity on:

  • Where you are today,
  • Where you need to be tomorrow, and
  • How to get there without losing your sanity.
  • Advise: Guidance on what ‘appropriate’ and ‘reasonable’ looks like.

  • Assess: Gap analysis to identify security weaknesses and non-compliance.

  • Improve: Ensure you and your third parties are moving in the right direction.

Pragmatic – Dedicated – Professional

Our Services

Our services leverage over 20 years of experience working in regulated financial services firms
and are designed to help regulated or risk-averse organisations and their service providers
to understand what ‘reasonable’ looks like and how they can get there.


  • A cost-effective component of your security programme.

  • Learn what a secure foundation looks like.

  • Entertain and educate your staff so they understand why and how they are targeted.

  • Refresh their knowledge through year-round awareness campaigns.


  • Assess the strength of your current security defences.

  • Benchmark your security against NIST CSF or ISO 27001.

  • Understand what it would take to align to best practice.

  • Develop a strategy and roadmap that addresses your stakeholders’ concerns.


  • Align your security defences to comply with regulatory guidance (e.g. DORA; NIS2).

  • Align to a world-recognised security framework (NIST CSF 2.0).

  • Get aligned or certified to ISO 27001 up to 70% faster by leveraging our knowledge and documentation templates.


  • Get independent assurance about the true strength of your defences.

  • Receive quarterly or yearly assessments to confirm your security defences remain strong.

  • Receive quarterly or yearly assessments to confirm your third parties are not the weak link in your security.

* If you have specific needs, we can provide a custom solution. Just get in touch.