How I Help

Manage cyber risk and comply with cyber regulations,
without losing your sanity.


I bring an independent perspective, based on 25+ years of experience.


This may be your first time but I’ve done this before. You are in safe hands.


With my help, you will be certain about what you need to focus on.

The Best Place To Start

Typically, a client starts with one of these services.

They are easy ways to see if we are a good fit.

BONUS: If we have never worked together before, you can try any one of these for free.

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A structured workshop to sketch out your plan of action.

Management Team Briefing on cyber risks, regs, and DORA.

Test your response to a cyber attack from the safety of your office.

When Certainty Is Needed

If you have concerns and seek certainty, here’s how I can help.

Assess your defences against the most common cyber attacks.

Review your alignment to cyber regulations and readiness for DORA.

Identify the best solution to a specific challenge.

Live staff cybersecurity awareness training.

A focused cyber briefing for the Board.

The difference between concerned and confident? A conversation with me!

When Action Is Needed

When you need to stop thinking and start doing, here’s how I can help.

You want to drive, and you want access to my advice until you reach your destination.

You want to drive, but you want me to map out the best route for your specific situation.

You don’t just want an advisor. You want a driver to get you to the final destination.

Don’t take my word for it

Here’s what my clients say.


“Sam’s pragmatism is very refreshing. He was always on our wavelength.”

– Rebecca McGee, Head of Operations


“Every action was understandable,  achievable, and tied to a clear security benefit.”

– Dan Carroll, Xcentuate


“Sam is the only IT person I know who doesn’t talk out of his a**.”

– Identity Withheld, Operations Manager

You have got this far.

Stop thinking. Start doing.

How far down you have scrolled: 98%
What’s left for me to say: 19 words
How long it will take to get started: 2 minutes

The majority of firms start with a SANITYin60 workshop.

It’s free. And it’s valuable.

Start now. Apply now.