Cyber Security Advisory Services

to convert interested prospects into paying clients.


An independent perspective, based on 25+ years of experience.


A focus on progression, not perfection.


Certainty about what to focus on next.

The Situation

You are being asked an increasing number of questions about your cyber security.

Targeting bigger and more sophisticated clients?
Bigger clients mean bigger fees.
But bigger clients mean bigger expectations.

The Challenge

You know some of your security defences may not good enough.

This means
an interested prospect
may never become a paying client.

The Requirement

At a minimum,
you need security defences
that align to the expectations of your
clients and prospects.

You may also want to prepare for larger opportunities in the future by
aligning to NIST CSF, a globally-recognised cyber security framework, or
certifying to ISO 27001, a globally-recognised cyber security standard.

The Approach

It’s pretty simple.

A visual representation of the steps involved in the CIM methodology. PREPARE, ESTABLISH A SECURE FOUNDATION, ALIGN TO PROSPECT EXPECTATIONS, CONFORM TO NIST CSF, and ending with CERTIFY TO ISO 27001.

It’s pretty simple.

But if you don’t have the time or the experience,
it’s not easy.

The Solution

Step 1: Prepare

€750 + VAT

In 1 day, you will have a high level view of how your current security defences align to your target market’s expectations.

  • An interview-based assessment that considers your current security controls, risk appetite, capabilities, and constraints, as well as the likely expectations of current clients and future targets.

  • 2 x 60-minute online workshops, guided by Code in Motion’s structured methodology, to capture insights into your organisation, your target market, and your current security defences.

  • By the end of the day, you will receive a short report that highlights key observations and opinions, as well as highlighting any critical deficiencies that were identified during the assessment.

  • Please note: This is a fixed scope / fixed price opportunity for you to understand how your security aligns to your target market’s expectations. It is a high level review based on your responses in the interviews.  It does not include a deep dive into any documentation or processes.

Step 2: Secure

From €3,750 + VAT

You will know the specific improvements required to establish a Secure Foundation.

  • Builds on the findings from Step 1.

  • 2 x 60-minute walkthroughs of your organisational and technical security measures.

  • An independent assessment of your current security, focusing on the most common and dangerous weaknesses: People; Email; Devices.

  • You will receive a detailed recommendations report & action plan to show you how to address the most significant gaps in your security foundations.

  • Supported by a 90-minute Q&A session to discuss the recommendations.

  • “Fast Lane” option available to complete this in as little as 1 week.

Step 3: Align

From €2,750 + VAT

You will know what is required to align to your prospect’s (or prospects’) expectations.

  • Builds on the findings of Step 2.

  • 60-minute workshop to discuss your views on the expectations of your prospects and target market.

  • An independent review and analysis of your prospect’s / prospects’ questionnaires or RFP requirements.

  • You will receive a detailed recommendations report describing the additional actions required to align to their expectations.

  • Where expectations should not apply to you, the report will include potential strategies to challenge these expectations.

  • Supported by a 90 minute Q&A session to discuss the recommendations.

  • “Fast Lane” option available to complete this in as little as 1 week.

Don’t take my word for it

Here’s what my clients say.


“Sam’s pragmatism is very refreshing. He was always on our wavelength.”

– Rebecca McGee, Head of Operations


“Every action was understandable,  achievable, and tied to a clear security benefit.”

– Dan Carroll, Xcentuate


“Sam is the only IT person I know who doesn’t talk out of his a**.”

– Identity Withheld, Operations Manager

Frequently-Asked Questions

When it comes to implementing the recommendations that will emerge from each step, you have a few options.

For example:

  1. Do it yourself: You may have the knowledge and resources (either in-house or via a trusted third party) to implement the recommendations.
  2. Do it with you: Similar to ‘Do it yourself’, but you may want to retain Code in Motion’s assistance – e.g. to formulate a detailed project plan and/or to be available for any questions that arise along the way.
  3. Done for you: You may prefer that Code in Motion and our partners to do some or all of this for you. Code in Motion does not seek to sell additional services or products. But if you need assistance with any aspects of the implementation, Code in Motion and our wider network of trusted partners can certainly help.

Good question. After all, your priority is to align to the expectations of your prospects, so why is there an interim Step 2?

There are two reasons why for Step 2:

  1. To eat the elephant
    There can be a large gap between your current security measures and what your clients and prospects expect. The number of things that need to be done can be overwhelming. Splitting this into two steps makes it easier to gain and sustain momentum.
  2. To ensure you are not an easy target
    The Secure Foundation covers the key security defences that significantly reduce the risk (likelihood and/or impact) of an unsophisticated cyber attack. Such a foundation is necessary, even if your prospects do not ask you about these key security defences (because they assume you have them in place).

We can discuss these steps when the time comes.

Most organisations find it challenging to go straight to NIST CSF alignment or ISO 27001 certification – It’s just too much change and disruption in one go. This is why we focus first on getting a Secure Foundation in place (Step 2).

And if you have a hot prospect right now, we need to focus on their expectations (Step 3) before looking at the longer-term (Steps 4 & 5).

However, if you really want to get moving on step 4 or 5 right now, we can discuss this.

I get it. You’re not buying toilet roll here. Before you commit, you want to make sure this is going to work for you.

Let’s have a quick conversation to see if this is a good fit.

We will focus on your needs, your goals, and how Code in Motion may be able to support you. You won’t be sold a service on the call – it’s just about seeing if it’s the right fit for you.

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