Staff Cybersecurity Testing

Why: The vast majority of attacks succeed because a human has been fooled. You need to test your staff to identify your weak points before the bad guys do. If you are unsure about whether you should invest in awareness training, or whether your previous training has paid off, a phishing test will give you an objective answer.

What: Alongside the cybersecurity training and support that you provide to staff, you need to regularly test their awareness using a simulation of a malicious phishing email.  

Why me: There are many platforms available to provide this phish testing service. But they can be difficult and time-consuming to configure, and each test takes time to configure, run, and then report on. The simulation emails may also be easy to spot, because they are US-focused or include content that your staff would never be fooled by. I can take care of all this, as a fully-managed service.

Fee: Quarterly testing starts from €949 p.a. for up to 20 staff. €250 for each additional block of 10 staff. (All prices exclude Irish VAT). The actual fee will be influenced by your specific technical setup (e.g. email platform in use; who manages the environment), your reporting needs, and any additional requirements you may have (e.g. design of a very targeted / company-specific phishing email).


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