Live Staff Cybersecurity Training


  • Your staff need to be trained so they understand why and how they are targeted, and how to spot the warning signs.
  • And they need to be able to get immediate responses to their questions or doubts. 


  • Live online webinar (via Zooms or MS Teams), where I explain in plain English why and how staff are targeted, and how they can defend themselves.
  • Live Questions & Answers is where the real value lies: Attendees can ask their questions at any time during the session, so they get immediate answers to their questions.

How Long?

  • The training usually lasts about 40-45 minutes, but schedule 60 minutes for the session in case the Q&A requires more time.

Why Me?

  • You could tick the box by asking staff to flick through a generic CBT course, or to play a pre-recorded session on their PC while they go away to make a cup of tea. But ticking the box will not secure the organisation.
  • You could do it yourself but it is time-consuming and you may not have the knowledge to answer any follow-up questions.
  • You could ask your IT MSP to deliver the training, but most MSPs focus on the wrong things and miss the key messages that need to land with your staff.
  • If you want to effectively improve your human defences, you need engaging and consumable training material that is delivered in plain English, supported by the knowledge and experience to answer any of the attendees’ questions. And that’s what I guarantee.

How Much?

  • Starting from €749 + VAT.
  • The fee will be influenced by:
    • The expected number of attendees
    • The specific training needs of your organisation
    • Any additional add-ons you may need (e.g. the need for a detailed pre-session prep meeting: certificates of completion for attendees; provision of a recording of the session for those who missed the live training and for new starters).
  • It may be possible to run the session in-person for an additional fee. Mention this in your application below and we will discuss this further.

Next Step

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