Cybersecurity Briefing for the Board


  • The board of every regulated entity needs to know how the organisation should be managing cybersecurity risk, and what is expected of board members.
  • Board members need to know about the emerging risks and current regulatory expectations.
  • And they need to know how they can get reassurance that these risks and regulations are being managed.

Why Me:

  • A cybersecurity expert can talk to board members about the latest attack trends.
  • A compliance expert can talk about the latest regulatory guidance.
  • I cover both, in plain English.

What I can discuss:

  • I cover topics such as:
    • The most likely cyber threats (which are not necessarily those that hit the headlines).
    • The most common regulatory compliance problems.
    • The most likely challenges that firms will face as they prepare for the EU’s DORA (Digital Operational Resilience Act) regulation.
  • I focus on what the regulators expect of board members, which differs from their expectations of executives and senior managers.

What the agenda looks like:

  • My agenda can include a number of the topics mentioned above.
  • My approach encourages board members to ask me anything and to steer the session to the areas of most concern to the organisation.

What the planning activity looks like:

  • [Optional] 30-minute preparation session with a Board representative, about 1 week before the session, to finalise the agenda.
  • 30-minute briefing session.
  • Both are delivered remotely over Zoom (or Microsoft Teams).

What is the cost?

  • Starting from €749 + VAT.
  • The fee will be influenced by:
    • The expected number of attendees
    • Any additional add-ons you may need (e.g. the need for a more detailed pre-session prep meeting: certificates of attendance for attendees; provision of a recording of the session for those who missed the session).
  • It may be possible to run the session in-person for an additional fee. Mention this in your application below and we will discuss this further.

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