Step-By-Step Security Guidance

For solo professionals and non-executive directors


You are responsible for your IT security.


You don’t want to be a security expert.


You want to ensure you are not an easy target.

When you work for yourself..

  • You know you are responsible for your own IT security, and
  • You know your clients expect you to take reasonable steps to ensure you are not their weakest security link.

But you also..

  • Don’t have the time to be a security expert, and
  • Just want to ensure you are not an easy target.

You just need the specific steps.

The ‘Secure Foundation (Solo Edition)’ course offers step-by-step guidance on how to secure

  • Your laptop
  • Your phone / mobile device,
  • Your email account, and
  • Your other valuable online accounts.

Designed for busy & non-technical professionals, it delivers easy-to-implement security without the technical jargon.

Each lesson walks through the specific steps required to set up your most important security defences.

The course includes unlimited email support, and 1:1 dedicated assistance is also available.

All options include a no-quibble money-back guarantee.

What’s included?

I know you don’t want to spend too much time on this.

That is why each lesson is very focused. And very short: The majority of videos take less than 10 minutes.

Lessons include:

  1. What you should focus on (and why it’s not the same as your clients’ focus);
  2. What the the most effective security defences are, and why;
  3. How the criminals target you through email, phone, social media, and LinkedIn.

PLUS specific step-by-step videos on setting up:

  1. Secure Passwords / Password Management;
  2. Multi-Factor Authentication;
  3. Email security;
  4. Dropbox / Google Drive / Microsoft OneDrive security;
  5. Device encryption;
  6. Password-protected screensavers;
  7. Segregation of login accounts;
  8. Software updates;
  9. Anti-virus software & firewalls;
  10. Backups.

Why sign up?

Stop spending months worrying about security.

Invest a couple of hours to get this nailed.

Ready to sign up?

Done By You

  • On-demand videos* that show you EVERY step.
  • Unlimited support (via email)
  • Checklists to help you track your progress.

Done With You

  • Everything in ‘Done By You’, plus..
  • 3 x 20 mins video call for 1:1 dedicated assistance.
  • Self-Attestation Certificate to show your commitment to security.