Suspicious? Get A Second Opinion

For less than 50c per person per working day, you will significantly reduce the risk of your staff being fooled by a malicious email.

What: If your staff receive an email that they think may be suspicious, I can provide them with a second opinion.

Why: Most cyber attacks start with a staff member being fooled by a phishing email. Your staff need access to an expert when they are unsure if a suspicious email is genuine or malicious.

Why me: I live in the world of cybersecurity – I may spot something that they don’t. And my service can start immediately – No tech required. We just need to tell your staff how to contact me.

How it works: If a staff member is unsure about an email, they forward the suspicious email to me. I will review it and respond with my opinion within 1 working day (but usually within 1 hour). At the end of each quarter, I provide you with a summary report showing all of the key metrics of the service – e.g. number of emails reported; number that were suspicious; Mean Time To Respond to your staff.

Fee: €99 per month, for up to 10 staff members. €50 for each additional block of 5 staff. (All prices exclude Irish VAT).

Optional Add-On: I can provide an additional service to quickly alert you to particular threats. I will email a specific list of people within your business if I notice a large percentage of your staff reporting the same suspicious email or if a staff member reports a particularly ingenious email that indicates your business is being specifically targeted. This will enable you to warn other staff or to block similar emails from getting into the organisation in future.


  • The service commences as soon as your first payment is received.
  • Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly payment options are available.
  • Discounts are available if your staff have attended my cybersecurity awareness training.
  • You can cancel any time – A refund will be issued for any full months remaining in your subscription. 


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In less than 24 hours, you could significantly reduce the risk of your staff being fooled by a malicious email.


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