[Reading time: 22 seconds]

If you knew your organisation was going to be the victim of a cyber attack, what kind of attack would you fear the most?

For example:

  • Ransomware, preventing you from accessing important data or systems and disrupting key business processes?
  • Data theft, where the attackers threaten to publish the stolen data?
  • Payment fraud, resulting in immediate financial loss?
  • Email account compromise?
  • Website breach?
  • Something else?

You don’t need to tell me your answer.

Just make sure you know your answer.

Then think about the things you could do to reduce the likelihood and impact of this type of attack.

Then do these things.

Repeat the exercise for the next-most feared attack.

And again.

And again.

So what?

Defending your organisation against the most common cyber attacks isn’t rocket science.

It just takes a bit of time and a bit of focus.