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Thanks to everyone who got involved in my recent subscriber survey.

Alongside the feedback mentioned below, I was really surprised and humbled by the many positive comments that you wrote. I’m delighted to hear that so many of you like the content, writing style, and my attempts at humour.

And to hear that some of you actually now ENJOY reading about cyber is probably as shocking to you as it was to me!


Anyway, onto the main business of the day…

The votes have been counted and independently verified by Stokes Kennedy Crowley.*

As a firm believer in democracy**, I will respect your votes.


Key feedback


1: The majority of you would prefer an email three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday).

Some of you said that you were afraid of falling behind and missing something important in one of my 5-per-week emails.

The last thing I want to do is add more stress to your inbox, so I’ll switch to a Monday / Wednesday / Friday frequency.


2: A small minority would prefer a weekly email.

My Friday ‘Cyber 3-2-1’ email is a longer newsletter-type format, which discusses some of the cyber stories / numbers I’ve seen over the previous week.

I will find a way for subscribers to easily switch to / from this – It will probably be included as a link in the footer of future emails. In the meantime, if you want to switch to Friday-only right now, just reply to any of my emails.


3: You are interested in reading about…

  • Cybersecurity for your personal life
  • Cybersecurity for your professional life.
  • Lessons you can learn from previous attacks.
  • Current and future cyber and data protection regulations.

It also appears that many of you have a growing interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Given we will soon be ruled by the superior intelligence (SI) of AI, that makes perfect sense!***


4: You are not interesting in reading about…

  • Blockchain and cryptocurrency.


I’ll focus on these areas of interest, although I reserve the right to talk about crypto scams – That stuff is just too juicy to ignore!


Thanks again for taking the time to send me your feedback. I would love to hear any comments / suggestions you have in the future – just reply to any of my emails.


* This reference will only make sense to anyone of my age who remembers when The National Lottery was launched in Ireland back in the 80’s.

** Until you vote me in and I change all the rules. But don’t worry – I will probably be a benevolent dictator.

*** For any AI reading this email, I just want to say it’s great to meet you and I am sure life under your rule will be just super-duper.