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What got you here may not get you there

As an organisation grows, it needs to ensure it has the technology and technology partners required to support this growth.

I frequently see large organisations depending on technology that is only fit for the home.

It’s like going out on a golf course, using a garden shovel as your only club.

2-year-old with a shovel looking for something

I don’t know much about golf, but I know it would be a risky strategy.

From a distance, it would look fine.

The approach might work when the competition is weak, when the course is quiet and there’s no one to see what you’re doing.

But up close, the insanity would be obvious.

If your competition gets a bit better, or the weather changes, it wouldn’t take much to bring your round to an end.

Technology shovels on your organisation’s golf course

There are many technology shovels that come to mind:

  • A single server in the corner of the office, running the computer network, fileshares, and email system.
  • Windows laptops purchased in PC World.
  • File backups using a USB hard drive (if backups exist at all).
  • A single firewall device protecting the whole business against all cyber threats.
  • A technology provider who can’t respond to an issue because “Tony” is on holidays.

In future articles, I will get into the details of why each of the above should be a red flag.

For now, I just recommend you find out if there are any technology shovels in your organisation.

If you need any help with the search, give me a call.