An example of a phishing email:

A failed delivery notification from An Post (The Irish postal service)

Some reasons to be suspicious:

  1. The email system has flagged that the email appears to be junk. The technology doesn’t always get it right, but it is right more often than it is wrong.
  2. The sender’s email address is certainly not from a recognisable An Post email domain.
  3. You can’t se it here but he link behind the ‘Reschedule delivery’ button is not going to a recognisable An Post domain. [PS Unless you know
    what you are doing, it’s best not to click the links to find out where they go]
  4. The message is stating two different reasons for the failed delivery – No safe place; VAT must be paid.
  5. The Sender’s name is ‘Anpost’, rather than An Post.
  6. There are no other links on the page, even when they mention a ‘Covid-19 page’ in the footer
  7. There is none of the usual legal disclaimer text at the bottom – e.g. contact details; registered office address etc.