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What’s the best thing that you could do right now to improve the security of your Microsoft 365 environment?

Believe it or not, It could be to send one email.



When I am reviewing the security of a Microsoft 365 environment, I usually start by taking a look at the audit logs. These logs tell me about all of the recent changes within the environment.

And I frequently see a significant increase in security-related changes in the days immediately after one particular email is sent.


What’s the email?

Hi <name of your Microsoft 365 admin>,

We’ve recently engaged Sam Glynn of Code in Motion to assess the security of our Microsoft 365 environment.

Please provide Sam with appropriate access so he can log in and get started.


<insert your name here>


What’s my point?

What gets measured gets done.


PS If you want an independent security assessment of your Microsoft 365 environment, I can help. The assessment compares your environment to industry baselines, so you can be confident that your environment is not an easy target for cyber criminals. Learn more here.