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I am always looking for ways to explain cyber security to ‘normal people’, so I have to congratulate N26 for their very short and entertaining videos that explain things like phishing and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).*

My personal favourites?

– A fisherman explains phishing

– A magician explains card fraud, and

– A bouncer explains two-step verification*.

You don’t need to be an N26 customer to view the videos. You can view them by scrolling down this page: https://n26.com/en-eu/security


* MFA is called Two Step Verification (2SV) on the N26 site. There is a slight difference, but it’s not worth discussing, Anyway, you know techies love their three-letter acronyms** – MFA, 2SV, 2FA..

** And even Three-Letter Acronym (TLA) is a TLA!