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There’s one thing you can do to reduce the risks

of an attacker gaining access to

your online accounts

by 99%.


Do you know what that one thing is?

Yep, you guessed it:



To put it another way:

If you don’t enforce the use of Multi-Factor Authentication:

All of your other security measures

could be worth




* MFA: Multi-Factor Authentication: There are plenty of definitions online. But in simple terms, MFA means you need more than just a username and password to gain access to an account. In a Microsoft study (of May 2023) that investigated “the effectiveness of multifactor authentication (MFA) in protecting commercial accounts from unauthorized access, [it was found that] MFA reduces the risk of compromise by 99.22%.”

** SFA: Sweet FA (trademark pending). If you don’t know the meaning of “Sweet FA”, let’s just say it means “nothing at all”!