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It’s a dull and drizzly Wednesday morning here in Ireland, so what better way to get through the day than to hear about hunting criminals and terrorists on the Dark Web?

I recently interviewed Jonathan Williams, who worked for many years with US law enforcement agencies tracking criminals and terrorists on online.

During the interview*, we also discuss:

  • How Jonathan found ways to link the physical person to their online persona (9m 20s)
  • How he developed a way for US law enforcement agents to anonymously monitor the dark web (10m 30s)
  • His experience with cryptocurrency fraud and his suspicions about cryptocurrency ATMs (14m 53s)
  • And while Jonathan spent a lot of time hunting James Bond-type figures, we discuss why most of us should worry more about Jim the Burglar than James Bond (25m 50s)

You can watch the interview on YouTube*.

If you are unable to access YouTube**, the interview will be included in this Friday’s “Cybersecurity Without Insanity” podcast episode. You can find it wherever you get your podcasts, or listen online to all podcast episodes here.


* The description on YouTube includes links so you can skip straight to each topic.

** Yes, believe it or not, some employers block access to YouTube as they don’t want staff spending their day watching Mr Beast*** videos!

*** Who is Mr Beast? He has 152 million subscribers on YouTube. He published a video 3 days ago about helping 1000 people to hear again, and it has been viewed 42 million times already. Need I say more?