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I recently attended a retirement party for a friend and ex-colleague*.

It was great to catch up with so many of the people that I used to see on a daily basis. And it was fun to talk about old times, before the question of “where’s the nearest nightclub” got replaced with “when’s the next bus home”!

It was also intriguing to hear so many of them say that the organisations where they currently work are uniquely inefficient and dysfunctional.

They refused to accept my reassurances that most organisations are inefficient or dysfunctional in some way or other.

They may not believe me.

But after 15 years of corporate life and then over 10 years helping dozens of organisations, I think it’s almost inevitable.

After all, organisations are run by groups of humans.

And the inefficient and dysfunctional behaviour that arises within a group of humans is just part of what makes us.. human.

So, what does this got to do with cybersecurity?

Don’t let a desire to hide this dysfunction stop you from getting outside advice when you need it.

Otherwise, it won’t just be the dysfunction that could become public.

It could be all your data too.


* Andrew is far, far, faaaar older than me!