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An individual has a number of subject rights under data protection regulations.

If you are a controller of this data, you must facilitate individuals when they want to exercise these rights.

But it is also important to recognise that these rights are seldom absolute.

Right to be informed:

You must tell an individual about the types of personal data you have about them and what you are doing with it.

This includes personal data you didn’t gather directly from them.

Right of access:

An individual can ask you for a copy of all the personal data you have about them.

You can’t usually withhold data, even if it embarrassing or defamatory.

You must also ensure the personal data of other individuals is not disclosed in your response.

Right of rectification and erasure:

If you have inaccurate data about an individual, they can instruct you to rectify it.

If you should not have the data, they can instruct you to delete it.

But there are reasons why you may not be obliged to do what they ask.

Right to restrict or object:

An individual may have the right to restrict what you do with their data.

They may also have a right to object to what you are doing.

These rights are not absolute. You have rights too.

If you have received a request from an individual seeking to exercise one of their data protection rights, you must respond within 1 month.

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