GDPR training for your business

The problem

Your professional reputation, as well as the trust of your customers, prospects and employees are important to you. You want to comply with GDPR.

But it’s difficult to to see the wood for the trees.

The challenge

Becoming compliant will involve a number of people in your organisation. You are unsure how to get them all up to speed on GDPR.

There are many people who can tell you all about the requirements of GDPR and the potential consequences of getting it wrong.

But you need someone to show you how to solve the problem.

My solution: Training for your business

My on-site training session will show you and your colleagues what GDPR is and show you how you can start to comply.

The session is designed to cut through the complexity of GDPR to deliver clear and concise guidance in plain English.

This is not just telling you about the problem of GDPR. It is also telling you how to solve it in a pragmatic, rationale way. No talking around the problem. No song and dance.

Specific, pragmatic guidance for your business to get you from ‘Zero to Hero’.

The objectives

  1. To teach you what GDPR is – The principles, rights and other requirements.
  2. To discuss with you what compliance could look like for your business – The policies, work practices and activities.
  3. To show you a clear method to move towards compliance and to demonstrate honest efforts to comply.
  4. To help you identify the most obvious, high risk gaps in your compliance right now.

My training


Interactive training session, supported by a detailed training pack for your future reference.


I recommend no more than 5 attendees but the session can accommodate up to 10 members of staff. Ideally, attendance should include people responsible for:

  • Sales
  • Customer service
  • HR
  • Marketing
  • As well as members of senior management


Your offices.


  1. What is GDPR – e.g. Personal data; principles; subject rights; data breaches; other obligations.
  2. How to become compliant – How to approach this; how to identify your compliance gaps; who to get involved; how to keep your sanity.
  3. Where should you start – Where are the obvious high risks in your business.


Approximately 3 – 4 hours, depending on the types of questions and business-specific scenarios raised by participants during the training.


  • An electronic copy (PDF) of the training pack will also be provided to you so the material is available for internal use into the future.
  • (If you also want printed and bound copies of the pack, these can be provided for an additional fee.)


€895 + VAT


  • You will have firm knowledge of GDPR and associated obligations as you process the personal data of people in the EU (e.g. employees, customers, prospects) so you can begin the journey to GDPR compliance
  • You will know how to interpret the regulatory requirements and become compliant more quickly.
  • You will have an informed and realistic level of understanding of GDPR, arising from the discussions we will have about how the regulation will impact your business specifically.
  • You will be able to make informed decisions about what is important in your compliance efforts, so you can begin to make the right changes in your business.
  • You will have a pragmatic way to become compliant without losing your sanity.

What then?

It depends on you.

  • You may be able to do this yourself without my help. I will not get in your way.
  • If you hit roadblocks along the way, my ‘Get Moving’ workshop could help.
  • If you need ongoing support (and counselling!), a retained support arrangement can ensure I am always available at the other end of a phone or email.


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