How can I help you?

I help businesses that are struggling to comply with data protection rules.

You may have an immediate issue that needs to be dealt with urgently or you may want to be ready before issues arise.

I might be able to help.

Do you urgently need help to deal with a specific issue?

Do you want help to get this right before issues arise?

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Step 1: Go from 'Zero to Hero'

Are you only starting your compliance work? Or have you struggled to make progress?

I have seen many businesses struggle to maintain progress:

  1. Data protection rules are seldom black-and-white. Working out how the principles apply in your business can be difficult.
  2. It can seem like a mountain of work. As you deal with one compliance issue, you identify two more.
  3. Your ‘real job’ takes over – There’s always a more important fire to put out, and GDPR will end up on the to-do list alongside everything else.

I can get you on the right path.

Meet me for 3-4 hours. No preparation needed – I only need you (and if you choose, some of your key people) in the room.

You will talk me through the key activities in your business and what (if anything) you have done about data protection.

I will flag potential issues and walk you through pragmatic solutions.

Along the way, I will clarify your understanding of GDPR and you will learn a repeatable framework that you can use across your business.

You may not learn absolutely everything you need to know about GDPR, but you will know enough to make significant progress.

The fee for this session (with up to 5 attendees) starts from €595 + VAT.

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Step 2: Further Help

Zero to Hero might be all you need. It will certainly get you moving in the right direction.

If you could benefit from further help, we can discuss your options after our Zero to Hero session.

Benefits of my ongoing assistance

  1. Knowledge – My ‘real’ job is data protection and IT security. You don’t need to employ an expert – I will be your expert.
  2. Speed – I have helped many businesses to get this right – My experience will get you through this faster.
  3. Focus – I will guide you. You will know the areas to focus on right now and the areas that can wait. When you get stuck, I’ll be there to get your unstuck.

What could this assistance look like?

It could be focused on one specific element of your compliance actions – e.g. Privacy notice; IT security review; vendor assessments.

Alternatively, it could be a recurring support arrangement. This usually involves a monthly call to review your progress, deal with areas of doubt, and agree actions for the following month. On a quarterly basis, the phone call could be replaced by a face-to-face session to do a more formal review of what has been achieved and what remains outstanding.

Additional benefits of ongoing support

  • Emergency Assistance – I will provide immediate assistance in the event of a query or compliant from an individual, client or regulator.
  • Access – My supported clients are my #1 priority. I restrict the number of clients with active ongoing support agreements so you can be sure of my availability.
  • Demonstrate Your Honest Efforts – GDPR is not just about complying with the rules. You also need to demonstrate your compliance. You need to show you are making honest efforts to get this right. My ongoing assistance is a very clear signal (to your management, your customers and the regulator) that you are doing your best.

As I said, this may or may not be of interest to you – We can discuss it after the Zero to Hero session.

Do you want to do this by yourself?

If my services are not a good fit for you, or if you want to do this yourself, I may still be able to offer you some useful guidance.

I’ve written a series of articles that demystify the rules of data protection.

Start with this one: What has GDPR got to do with me?

Why me?

  • I am qualified to provide data protection guidance. But I am not a legal eagle. I speak plain English.
  • I am immersed in the data protection world so you don’t have to be.
  • I will be your point of contact. I don’t employ junior staff.
  • Whenever you need me, I can be just a call or email away.
  • My deliverables are clear and I always stick to agreed deadlines.
  • My About page provides more details of my background, qualifications, and experience.

What do my clients say?

Sam made it easy to understand and walked us through a logical implementation approach in a very engaging way. I would highly recommend Sam to anyone trying to work out what GDPR means for their business.

Sam’s knowledge and ability to simplify something that has many grey areas is spectacular and he made our sessions both interesting and exciting. Sam is a people person and has a great way of communicating the get audience on side and engaged.

Sam’s knowledge is outstanding, his advice invaluable and what seems like a daunting task has now been replaced by a plan of action which will be rolled out very smoothly.

Deirdre Moore, MD, Celtic Careers