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If you work in Compliance, do you ever feel like your colleagues regard you as a pain in the neck?*

Well… it’s true.



But it’s not your fault.

Your role is to ensure the company complies with regulations.

You have to spend a lot of your time thinking about the expectations of your regulators.

But your colleagues don’t spend their time thinking about regulators.

They may be focused on client or internal operational activities. (You know, things like trying to get the IT systems and IT providers to just do what they’re supposed to bloody well do!)


A Compliance job is a tough job.

Being the one who has to educate everyone else about the latest edict from a regulator is a tough job.

And the impending arrival of DORA won’t make it any easier.

If you work in Compliance…

  • I just wanted to say I know it’s a tough gig.
  • But please stick with it – Your regulators and customers need you to keep the firm on the right side of the (regulatory) road.

And if you don’t work in Compliance…

  • I know they create more work for you.
  • But… don’t blame them. Blame those pesky regulations.
  • Because… if they don’t keep you on the right side of regulations, you could find yourself out of a job.

So, please…

Give them a hug.

Give them a Thank You card**.

Or just give the Compliance person a break.


* As a Designated Member of The Compliance Institute, I suppose I also ‘work in Compliance’. And I know I’m a pain in the neck!

** You may be unable to find a ‘Thanks for Keeping Us Compliant’ card – I assume it’s because Hallmark can’t keep up with demand.