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‘Get Moving’ workshop

The problem

You are clear about what GDPR means for your organisation. Perhaps you have completed my training (either as an individual or as a group). Or you have spent a lot of time learning all about GDPR elsewhere.

Now you want to get moving on your compliance project.

My ‘Get Moving’ workshop is your accelerator pedal.

The solution: Go from ‘Zero to Hero’

My ‘Get Moving’ workshop shows you how everything you learned in my training can be applied to your business.

After the workshop:

  • You won’t just know about GDPR. You will know how it will affect your business.
  • You will know how to identify the most important issues and how to resolve these issues quickly.
  • You will know how to document your good work so you can demonstrate your honest efforts to comply.
  • You will have a repeatable, logical and pragmatic process that you can use across your business.

The session will remove the fog of uncertainty, giving you a logical and practical approach to get you moving in the right direction.

It will not be the end of your GDPR compliance work – But it will be a significant step forward.


‘Get Moving’ Workshop


  1. To identify an initial set of actions to address obvious compliance issues in your organisation.
  2. To teach you a repeatable approach to assess compliance across your business.
  3. To give you a clear view on how to structure your GDPR project in terms of activity workstreams, resourcing and technology.


  1. Assess your current level of general compliance with GDPR using my tailored assessment tool.
  2. Identify compliance gaps in your key businesses processes, identify practical solutions to these gaps, while also teaching you an approach that you can repeat for all of your business processes.
  3. Identify how you will progress your GDPR compliance project –The activity workstreams, the priorities, the key staff, and the key 3rd

Delivery Format

Interactive workshop, supported by whiteboards, templates and appropriate training material.


I recommend no more than 5 people attend but the session can accommodate up to 10 attendees.

The majority of attendees should have knowledge of GDPR – Ideally, they will have attended one of my training sessions.


Your offices.


Approximately 3 – 4 hours.


  • Action Plan on a Whiteboard

The objective of the session is to get clarity around what your organisation needs to do to be compliant and how it can get moving.

The key points and actions identified during the discussion will be captured along the way on whiteboard sheets that I will provide and leave with you.

  • Templates / Guidance

I will provide you with specific templates and guidance notes to support the early stages of your GDPR project:

  • My ‘Readiness Questionnaire’ template
  • A ‘Record of Processing Activities’ template
  • Guidance notes and a questionnaire template to help with the 3rd party / vendor conversations you will inevitably need to kick off.


€795 + VAT

If you book this session to take place on the same day as the on-site training session, the total cost is €1495 + VAT (a saving of €195 + VAT)


Step 1: Let’s talk


Additional support & assistance

What happens after the workshop? It depends on you. The workshop may be as much as you need right now. However, perhaps you could benefit from further assistance.

1 – Summary Actions Report

I can provide a summary report that documents the actions identified in the workshop.

This report will:

  1. Document a clear initial ‘To Do’ list for your organisation’s compliance project.
  2. Demonstrate your compliance efforts to a broader audience (e.g. your senior executive team; your customers; the Data Protection Commissioner) by showing the specific, practical and meaningful steps you will take to move towards GDPR compliance.

2 – Checkpoint / status calls

We can schedule a set of checkpoint calls in the weeks after the workshop to make sure you are on the right path.

These calls will:

  1. Maintain progress with your GDPR efforts by committing you to a set up of formal checkpoints with me. What gets measured, gets done. These calls are effective measures.
  2. Put formal checkpoints into your diary to review how things are progressing and to deal with any obstacles that have arisen.
  3. Clarify any doubts about GDPR that may have arisen after workshop or in the summary report.
  4. Demonstrate your honest efforts to comply to a broader audience by committing to ongoing reviews of your compliance efforts.

3 – Retained support

In the longer term, we can talk about retained support services so I’m at the other end of a phone call or email to help you on an adhoc basis whenever you need it.


Step 1: Let’s talk