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GDPR: Get Moving Workshop

You have completed my training (either as an individual or as a group).

So, you have a good idea of what GDPR is. Now you want to get moving on your compliance project.

My ‘Get Moving’ workshop is your accelerator pedal.

Go from Zero to Hero

My ‘Get Moving’ workshop shows you how everything you learned in my training can be applied to your business. 

The session will ensure:

  • You don’t just know about GDPR. You know how to apply it to your business.
  • You know how to identify the most important issues.
  • You know how to resolve these issues quickly.
  • You have a repeatable approach that you can use across your business.
  • You have a logical and practical approach so you keep your sanity.

Through an interactive workshop, I will:

  • Show you what GDPR compliance would look like in your business.
  • Show you how to describe your business processes in a logical way.
  • Show you how to identify the compliance problems.
  • Show you how to prioritise the right problems.
  • Show you how to resolve the problems quickly.
  • Show you how to document your work to prove your honest efforts to comply.

I will remove the fog of uncertainty so you are moving in the right direction.

  • Workshop

    • Objectives: Firstly, to identify specific actions you need to take to align to GPDPR. Secondly, to teach you an approach you can repeat to assess compliance across all of your business.
    • How: We will complete an informal whiteboard-based session to dig into some of the detail behind your key business processes, identify areas that may be an issue under GDPR and the steps you need to take to address these issues.
    • Where and When: 4 hours in your offices.
    • Who: Members of the team who will be responsible for GDPR compliance in your organisation; Staff members with knowledge of your key business processes.

  • Recommended Actions Report

    • Objectives: Firstly, to document a clear initial ‘To Do’ list for your organisation’s compliance project. Secondly, to help you demonstrate to a broader audience (e.g. your senior executive team; your frontline staff; the Data Protection Commissioner) what you have learned and the approach you will follow to progress your GDPR compliance project in a practical & logical way.
    • How: I will produce a summary-level ‘Recommended Actions’ report tailored to your organisation’s specific needs and reflecting the key insights discussed during our two sessions.
    • What: The report will capture the key first actions identified during the workshops. It will also include practical advice on how to approach your compliance efforts to ensure you can see the wood for the trees and focus on resolving the most concerning gaps quickly.
    • When: To ensure you maintain momentum after the session, the report will be issued within 1 week of the session.

  • Follow-up / Status Review Call

    • Objective: Firstly, to put a formal checkpoint into your diary to allow you consider how compliance efforts are progressing within the organisation since the session took place. Secondly, to enable you to clarify any of the guidance provided in the workshop or in the Recommended Actions report.
    • How: A 1-hour conference call.
    • Who: Senior member(s) of your GDPR compliance team; Key stakeholders / decision makers.
    • When: Approximately 2-3 weeks after the Recommended Actions report is provided to you. This allows you time to consider the actions, hopefully make some progress with them, and identify areas where you need further clarification on what GDPR compliance looks like for your organisation.

  • And then?

    • Objective: The follow-up call of step 3 is the end of the process. You will now be on the way towards GDPR compliance. You may be able to do this all yourself. Or you may need some further support and assistance from me along the way.
    • What: It will be driven by your needs. I don’t get involved if you don’t need me. But I don’t disappear if you could benefit from my help.
    • How: Through retained support agreements, I can provide ongoing support and mentorship (either remotely or in-person; on an adhoc or scheduled basis). I can also roll up my sleeves on a consultancy basis if you need help to work through specific issues that arise as you dig into the detail. I can also help you document the policies and procedures that are key elements in your ability to demonstrate compliance. It all depends on your needs.

By being prepared you will significantly reduce the risk and impact of a DPC investigation, court appearance or fine.

You will avoid the negative publicity & reputational damage arising from noncompliance.

By demonstrating compliance with GDPR and commitment to protecting the privacy of your customers, you will retain clients and win new business.

This workshop is not the end of your GDPR project. But it is a great way to get moving.

Ready or not, GDPR is coming.

Lose your mind thinking about it.
Or get started.

It's your decision.

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