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GDPR Training For You

You want to comply with GDPR.

But it’s difficult to to see the wood for the trees.

You want to know in layman’s terms the most important elements of GDPR (the ‘WHAT’) and how you can become compliant (the ‘HOW’).

My training will get you there.

No song and dance.

Just practical guidance to enable you to become compliant without losing your sanity.

Get the Facts.

‘GDPR: How can a business start to comply?’ is a training course designed to cut through the complexity of GDPR to deliver clear and concise guidance for small businesses.

It will enable you to make informed decisions, and to begin making pragmatic changes in your business.

My training ensures:

  • You will reduce the risk of misinterpreting the regulatory requirements and become compliant more quickly
  • You will have firm knowledge of GDPR and associated obligations as you process the personal data of EU citizens (e.g. employees, customers, prospects) so you can begin the journey to GDPR compliance
  • You will have an informed and realistic level of understanding of GDPR so you can consider the impact on you 
  • You will have a pragmatic way to become compliant without losing your sanity.

Through discussion and live examples, I will:

  • Bring you to an informed level of understanding of GDPR
  • Provide a realistic sense of how the regulation could impact you
  • Empower you to begin making simple and meaningful changes on the path to compliance

After the training session, you will have certainty so you can get started on the right path.

Duration: Approximately 3.5 hours.

Output: A printed copy of the training material will be provided to you for your own future reference.

[Alternative: If your business needs to get a number of staff up to speed, my on-site training may be a more effective solution.]

And then what?

My training will tell you what GDPR is and how you can get started.

If you think others in your organisation could benefit from this knowledge, a private group training session focused on your business and held in your offices could be of interest.

Once all stakeholders understand GDPR, it is time to get moving. My ‘Get Moving’ Workshop will get you started.

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