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GDPR: Practical Guidance for Your Business

The General Data Protection Regulation will be applied in May 2018.

There are plenty of people who will tell you what GDPR is.

I can show you how to comply.

Practical, focused guidance to get you started


Every client is different.

Different types of personal data. Different ways of working. Different processes. Different technology.

Different budgets. Different priorities. Different risk appetites.

I offer a range of solutions to suit your needs

Off-site Training Classroom-based

Train Me

3.5 hours. €295 per person. 

Learn the WHAT and the HOW.

Train alongside other businesses.


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'Get Moving' Workshop Go from 'Zero' to 'Hero'

Start Us

Workshop & Report. €995 + VAT. 

I’ve trained you.

Now let’s get you started on your project.


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And Then What?

It depends on your needs.

The fastest and most reliable way to get this done is by having knowledge and experience on your team.

Data protection knowledge. Project management experience. Technical know-how.

I can provide the knowledge and experience to get this done faster and better.

I can provide ongoing support and mentorship to your staff so they can get the right guidance quickly.

I can roll up my sleeves and dig into the details when you need help.

I can help you document the policies, procedures & records needed to demonstrate compliance.

I can tailor a solution to help you – But only if you need it.

But first: Get trained. Then get started.