GDPR Help with what it is and how to comply
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GDPR Guidance

The General Data Protection Regulation places significant obligations on any organisation that handles the personal data of individuals.

There are plenty of people who will tell you what GDPR is and then walk away when you ask how to comply.

I get you up to speed on GDPR quickly and then focus on showing you how to comply in a pragmatic, reasonable, and sane way.

3.5 hours in a hotel conference room. €295 per attendee.

Learn what GDPR is and how you can comply.

Learn alongside other businesses. Share your questions and concerns during this interactive training session.

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4 hours in your premises. 2-5 staff members. €895 + VAT.

Learn what GDPR is and how you can comply.

GDPR training performed in your offices and focused on the areas of most concern and relevance to your organisation.

Ask questions and discuss concerns confidentially. Get guidance tailored to your specific needs.

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4 hours in your premises. 2-5 staff members. €795 + VAT.

You’ve done the ‘Zero to Hero’ training so you know what GDPR is all about and you understand how to follow a proven framework to become compliant.

Or, perhaps you’ve learned about GDPR elsewhere and you’ve started working on GDPR compliance. But you’re not sure if you’re doing it the right way.

The ‘Get Moving’ assessment workshop applies the ‘Zero to Hero’ approach to your business. It puts the theory into practice.

The workshop will enable you to identify the most important actions to focus on, and show you how to become compliant without losing your sanity.

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Ongoing support & guidance

From €750 + VAT per month.

At this point, you will be making progress with your compliance efforts.

I can continue to support you as questions arise or doubts emerge about the best way forward. I can save you valuable time.

Sometimes you need data protection knowledge, project management experience, or just someone to bounce ideas off. I can provide that support – by phone, email or in person – saving you valuable time.

We can talk in more detail about this at the appropriate time.

But first: Get trained. Then get started.

From €1200 + VAT.

If my services don’t suit your exact needs, we might be able to work out a customised solution – Perhaps involving elements of my training session and workshop.

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