FREEin45 // What should your IT solution look like?

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Apply now for a FREEin45 workshop.

You need IT capabilities and solutions that are secure and flexible.

You need to ensure these capabilities and solutions align to the expectations of a wide range of interested stakeholders – Risk / Compliance, CEO, Board, staff, clients, and regulators like the CBI and DPC.

You can continue to be hopeful that what you have is appropriate. Or you can take action to move to a comfortable and provable state.

FREEin45 is your first step.

This virtual workshop is free for regulated firms, requires the completion of an intake form at least 2 days before the session, and is tailored toward the CFO, COO or Executive who has ultimate accountability for IT but for whom IT is not their primary area of expertise.

(If you are not this person but you are interested in this workshop, contact me to see how I might help).

What to expect from your FREEin45 workshop:


  • Clarity about your current situation.
  • Clarity about where you could go.
  • Clarity about where you should go.

We will sketch out a pragmatic approach to ensure your technology is capable, secure, compliant, and appropriate to:

  1. Your firm’s business strategy, concerns and risks
  2. The risk tolerances of your internal stakeholders (C-Suite peers, CEO, Board, Staff)
  3. The expectations of your external stakeholders (Clients, Central Bank of Ireland, Data Protection Commission)
  4. The resources (time, money, skills) available to you

Where does the FREEin45 workshop take place:

The workshop is run through Zoom, one of the most popular and user-friendly online collaboration platforms in the world.

Doing this online has many benefits:

  • It’s easier to find free times in our diaries, as nobody needs to travel.
  • It’s easier to remember what we discussed in the workshop – The session will be recorded and shared with you.
  • It’s lockdown-friendly – Covid won’t stop us making progress.
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How to book your FREEin45 workshop:

Please use the form below to get your FREEin45 workshop in the diary.

What happens after you have submitted your details:

Within 24 hours, you will receive:

  1. Confirmation of the date/time for the session
  2. A meeting invite containing a Zoom link
  3. An intake form, which you need to complete at least 2 working days before the session (But don’t worry – it’s not technical).
  4. A connection request on LinkedIn (if we are not already connected)

Register your details:

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Privacy: Breaching your trust would destroy my business. I will only use your personal data for the purposes of this workshop. More information is accessible in my privacy policy.
Confidentiality: I treat every conversation as confidential but if you need a non-disclosure agreement before we talk, just mention this above.