How to comply with DORA without losing your sanity

What is it?

DORA is the Digital Operational Resilience Act. It’s an EU regulation that will apply from January 2025.

It will force regulated financial services firms (and their service providers) to improve their ability to withstand, respond to and recover from IT-related disruptions and threats, including but not limited to cyber attacks.

Why can I help?

I am not the world’s expert on DORA.


  • I have probably spent more time reading and digesting the regulation than you have.
  • I help firms with IT risk management, third party risk management, and incident response planning. All key elements of DORA.
  • I’ve also helped firms to align to CBoI’s, EBA’s and EIOPA’s regulatory guidance on Cyber Security and Outsourcing.
  • And I have helped many regulated firms to comply with GDPR without losing their sanity.

In other words, I have extensive experience interpreting regulations and translating the key requirements into actionable advice.

Step 1: To read about DORA:

As a free first step, read my short “Introduction to DORA” to:

  1. Understand the structure of DORA so you get a high-level overview of the regulation, and
  2. Learn about a way to get started on your compliance efforts without losing your sanity.

You can download it from

Step 2: To learn more about DORA:

I have developed a short email course to ease you into the world of DORA compliance.

The course focuses on the key things we need to know about DORA and pragmatic ways to eat this elephant.

You will receive 1 email each day for 5 days. Each email will include a video. And I guarantee each video is no longer than 10 minutes.

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