Plain English Cyber – This week, in 3 sentences, 2 actions and 1 reflection.

This week: It’s a very short edition this week due to a family bereavement. And it’s this bereavement that forms the basis of this week’s actions.


  1. There are only two things certain in this life: Death and Taxes.
  2. Tell others now about your wishes after your death. Otherwise, your loved ones will spend more time worrying (and arguing) about what you would have wanted and less time talking about the good times they had with you when you were alive.
  3. This extends to your digital life. When your heart stops beating, your Facebook profile doesn’t know. You need to ensure you have told someone how they can tell ‘the internet’ that you have died, so your online friends are not left in the dark.


If you find yourself providing 24/7 technical support to a loved one – e.g. getting random calls when they can’t ‘get mass’ (because their iPad has lost connection to WiFi or today’s chosen mass is being live-streamed from a church in rural Brazil) – you may have accidentally addressed this last action.

This is because, despite cybersecurity best practice, you probably already have their login passwords. What’s bad for cybersecurity turns out to be good in such circumstances.

This is no time for judgement!