I have some good news, some bad news, and then some more good news.

  • The good news: I was mentioned in a national newspaper (The Irish Times) last week.
  • The bad news: The article was in the Financial Crime section.
  • The good news: I wasn’t being accused of a crime. I was giving advice on how to avoid being the victim of one.


What was my advice?

Cyber security is all about managing risk.

And for most organisations, managing cyber security risks means focusing on your:

  • People,
  • Accounts, and
  • Devices.

If you love an acronym (and who doesn’t), just remember:

  • PDA (like the cool tech of the 1990s), or
  • PAD (the cool tech of the 1890s).


There’s a reason why ‘P’ is always the first letter.

Your people are your best defence.

Because if your people aren’t fooled, most attacks aren’t successful.


[I can’t find a link to the article on The Irish Times website. So, a photo of the page will have to do. And my thanks to Sandra O’Connell for finding a way to turn our short conversation into a great article.]


The Irish Times