What is not to love about a Nest Thermostat.

Setting the timer for your central heating just involves a few clicks of a mobile app or the satisfying spin of the dial on the Nest device.

And if you forget to turn off the heating while you’re away for a few days? No problem. Click-click-click, and the heating is off.

Is there anything more convenient?

But then your wifi goes down. Or the Nest controller decides at random intervals to stop working for some unexplained reason.

And now the Nest controller isn’t communicating with the thermostat, and the mobile app is refusing to help.

The thermostat doesn’t know what temperature it is, so the central heating may or may not get turned on.

And you long for the good old days when you had a traditional timer, with physical buttons to turn on and off the heating.

All you needed was electricity to keep the show on the road (plus a post-it note on the fridge to remind you to turn off the heat before you head away for a few days).

Is there anything more resilient?

When you choose convenience, make sure it’s not at the expense of resilience.