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LinkedIn – This is my social media platform of choice. Connect or follow me at https://www.linkedin.com/in/samglynnie/

Twitter – I’m told Twitter is great, but I’m not convinced. I’m on there from time-to-time: https://twitter.com/SamGlynnIE

Mastodon – I’m also told Twitter is doomed, and Mastodon is where the nice people are going. So, I’m also trying this out: @samglynn@fosstodon.org

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Face-to-Face – Fancy a quick online meeting to see if we’re a good fit? Schedule a meeting at https://codeinmotion.ie/book-30minutes

Phone-to-Phone – You can call me at +353 (1) 554 6268. but just to warn you – It is likely to go to voicemail, as I seldom answer calls from unknown numbers.

Email – It’s the traditional route, and still the best. You can get me at hello@codeinmotion.ie. Alternatively, use the form below.

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