Cyber 321: 25th February 2022

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Cyber 3-2-1: Ireland’s NCSC issues an advisory, as warnings continue about the elevated threat of cyber attacks due to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Also this week, how blind faith in an IT system led to one of the largest miscarriages of justice in the UK, and why the phrase ‘Too big to fail’ may soon be joined by the phrase ‘Too big to understand’. This week’s action: Bí Ullamh: Consider the NCSC advisory’s recommendations.

Cyber 321: 28th January 2022

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Cyber 3-2-1: ComReg has a plan to tackle volume of scam calls to Irish mobile users. Google’s trackers are being investigated in the US, while the Austrian Courts have ruled that Google Analytics contravenes GDPR. And the US Federal Reserve starts a discussion about digital currencies. This week’s action: Don’t answer that call

Cyber 321: 21st January 2022

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Cyber 3-2-1: Could simulated phishing tests really make staff more likely to be fooled by a phishing email in the future? What the Russians have done to one of the world’s most successful ransomware gangs? What has ransomware and cryptocurrency got to do with North Korea? And what the hell is the metaverse anyway? This week’s action: Review your approach to phishing test simulations.

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