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I’m just back from holidays. Did you miss me?*

Cyber never sleeps. And it doesn’t go on holidays. So, next week, I will explain what French swimming pools can teach us about cyber security.

But today, I want to share a graphic**.

A score card showing how secure your accounts are

(If you can’t see the image above, it shows a scale of 1-10, representing the increasingly secure ways to protect an online account. The lowest score of 1 is the use of a shared password, a score of 4 is achieved when you use a unique, random, complex and long password that is stored in a password manager, and the top score of 10 is achieved if your account is protected with Passwordless security (e.g. Apple FaceID, finger print authentication).

So what?

It’s a quick way to assess how secure your most important accounts – e.g. your email accounts; your online banking accounts – really are.

In an ideal world, we should all be aiming for a total of 80 across our 10 most important accounts. However, with the trade-off between security and convenience, and an inability of many financial institutions to move away from SMS-based 2FA, that’s unrealistic.

But, if you are scoring lots of 4’s or lower, you know what to do.


* Be kind!

** Credit to Jason Rebholz for sharing this on LinkedIn, and Daniel Miessler for creating the CASMM in the first place.